Msterclass New Style Hustle by T-Boy

T-Boy is in town and will teach the 21th of June a New style huste workshop in Dynamo, Eindhoven! So take your change to get some hustle knowledge!

T-Boy is a popper and a new style hustler. He started learning
new style hustle in NYC with Jeff Selby in 2012. He says when
he saw Jeff in the club he felt he just needed to come to his
class! At that time T-Boy was in NYC for 5 months and spent
his time hustling all day every day. After him and his first
partner came back home to Slovakia, Jeff gave his blessing to
teach and share the new style hustle. They went to teach to a
few countries such as Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary,
Austria, Japan. T-Boy’s current dance partner Inga Be specialises in locking and house dance.

- Date: 21-06-2017
- Time: 18.30-20.00
- Damage: € 15,00
- Location: Dynamo, Mainstage

New style hustle
New style hustle is a variation of the Latin hustle, the salsa inspired couples' dance that originated in the 1970’s in the U.S. The founder of New Style Hustle is Jeff Selby from New York City, and the co-founder – his partner Robyn Baltzer.
New style hustle is danced to house and disco music, but that is not the limit. This style, as all freestyle dances, is based on the creativity of the dancers and Jeff Selby encourages bringing your own background and personality into this dance.