DJ-rehearsals, production sessions & weekly gatherings

do 01 / dec / 2022

Locatie Dynamo

* Alle genoemde tijden zijn onderhevig aan veranderingen, hier kunnen geen rechten aan worden ontleend

DJ-rehearsals, production sessions & weekly gatherings

Reshaping the underground music scene in Eindhoven with BIOTOOP.

Every thursday evening 19:30, you can join BIOTOOP at Dynamo Eindhoven to meet likeminded people, discuss your favorite artists and explore electronic music. You can sign up for a 1 hour+ session of DJ-ing and/or producing, with a 4-week training or independent exploration. (When the corona restrictions are planned to ease down, we expect to have a walk-in possibility with a bar available).

BIOTOOP will host the following:
1. 3 DJ sets with CDJ’s
2. 1 Vinyl Setup
3. 2 professional studio’s for producing and mastering.
4. Training in social media, networking and creating possibilities to play at local party’s or venues.
5. Once every month there will be a “special”. This will consist of things like day-long workshops or seminars (small fee included).

send an e-mail to containing your name, adress, date of birth, and phone number or DM us on instagram:

Dynamo Eindhoven - Dynamo Catharinaplein 21 5611 DE Eindhoven
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