Dubhoven #3 w/ King Alpha Ft. Fikir Amlak

Fikir Amlak (U.S.A)+ Bukkha (SP)+ Godzilla Soundsystem (NL/PL) + House of Dread: Butoyi (NL/BUR)

vr 04 / okt / 2019

Doors 22:00
Curfew 04:00
Locatie Basement
Presale €11
*servicekosten €1.00
deurverkoop €12.50

* Alle genoemde tijden zijn onderhevig aan veranderingen, hier kunnen geen rechten aan worden ontleend

On the first Friday night of October, we invite everyone, after getting rid of all aggression and prejudices, to come forward and skank! Godzilla Soundsystem will shake up the earth and the walls of the Dynamo Basement. Local and foreign emitters of sub-bass sounds will be responsible for the best selection until dawn:

King Alpha (UK)
Fikir Amlak (U.S.A)
Bukkha (SP)
Godzilla Soundsystem (NL/PL)
House of Dread: Butoyi (NL/BUR)

All tribes welcome!

Dubhoven is the flagship event of the collective efforts of Godzilla Soundsystem and House of Dread. Followers of the raw sounds of roots and dub, whose roots are inseparably connected with Jamaica, will certainly not be disappointed.

For the rest, it’s an opportunity to take part in an unusual phenomenon, where the powerful bass shakes your guts all night, and the rhythm effectively replaces all stimulants.


Dynamo Eindhoven - Basement Catharinaplein 21 5611 DE Eindhoven
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