vr 21 / sep / 2018

Stijl UrbanLab
Locatie Gym
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What Is Motion Lab:

Monthly workshop series, curated by Alesya Dobysh for House dancers & more, for those who wants to develop improvisation skills, techniques, creativity, aesthetic and body awareness.
Main FOCUS: overall personal developing as a dancer and movement artist, improving knowledges about motion, music and art.

“I will be sharing every MOTION LAB session with people whose knowledges I consider very important to expand understanding of dance and art. This time I invite 3 incredible mentors, talented men with different backgrounds, impressive experience and full baggage of knowledges to lead your bodies and minds into the art of movement. You have JOHN AGESILAS, TAMIR ETING and DROSHA to dig deeper into “dancology” together every session and you have me, helping you to explore how to apply new information to House Dance.”


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Dynamo Eindhoven - Gym Catharinaplein 21 5611 DE Eindhoven
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