The Waackdown 2020: Videoshoot

zo 19 / jan / 2020

Stijl UrbanLab
Locatie TAC

* Alle genoemde tijden zijn onderhevig aan veranderingen, hier kunnen geen rechten aan worden ontleend

After our Dutch Edition, we understood that we LOVE Eindhoven and UrbanLab040 is totally willing to take this up with us again! This time we move our butts to TAC Eindhoven, a SUPER fun area also in the center of Eindhoven! YAY!

Like usual we want to create a chill party-atmosphere where everyone can learn, exchange and just be free! In this setting you can get comfortable in battles, cyphers, jam until you drop and get to know YOURSELF (and others ofcourse)!


Come as you are, be comfortable but we would appreciate if you make an effort to be a bit dressed up! You make sure match our disco surroundings and over the top smiles! We maaaaaay have some extra surprises in store ♥

TAC Vonderweg 5611 BK Eindhoven
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