Transmissions 1. live: SHE PAST AWAY

Selofan + Auger and more!

za 25 / mei / 2019

Stijl Rock
Doors 19:00
Show* 19:30
Locatie Dynamo
ticket €17.50

* Alle genoemde tijden zijn onderhevig aan veranderingen, hier kunnen geen rechten aan worden ontleend

TRANSMISSIONS is a celebration of the origins, history and future of post-punk and new wave, curated by Palais Ideal. Join us at DYNAMO, Eindhoven, where we’ll be examining the roots of these highly influential subcultures, through live music, exhibitions, DJs and more.

Als er dan toch 1 band is die momenteel de vaandeldrager van de Darkwave scene is, dan is het She Past Away, uit Turkije. Pak het beste van The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy en Clan of Xymox, en je weet wat je mag verwachten. Dansbare melancholische en duistere (Darkwave)deuntjes, met het geluid van nu. She Past Away is de moderne Waveband, die je gezien moet hebben! Zweef je thuis nog weg op de platen van Anne Clark, Siouxsie, Joy Division of Soft Cell, dan weet je waar je vanavond moet zijn! In december stonden ze nog in een uitverkochte Baroeg, nu in Dynamo!

Selofan followed the siren call of the 80’s goth sounds and minimalism, carving out their own spot at the forefront of independent wave music scene. The seasoned hunters constantly digging for new dramas and passions to grace their visual intention and musical charm, the band specialize in deep, cold and racy analog sounds- but have always been favored along with howling vocals, well-distilled synths and heartbroken sax- when it comes to the occasional shootout between genre trenches. Selofan brilliantly express the band’s main themes they’ve been exploring since their existence: that there is dark humor in emotional vulnerability, that one can find a way to laugh and cry in the same breath – and get stronger.

Formed in the industrialised north of England, Auger is Kyle Wilson (21) lead vocals, keyboards, programming and Kieran Thornton (21) guitar and backing vocals. Auger’s hard-hitting and hyper-melodic approach to music is a true breakthrough in the goth/industrial scene, go check their album “The Awakening”.


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