Step in the Arena

This year International Graffiti Festival Step in the Arena will have its 6th edition. What began in 2010 with a graffiti festival in the Berenkuil where young talent and established talent could meet each other, has grown in 6 years to a unique festival in Europe.

On 6 and 7 June more than 150 artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world are going to make their appearance in the Eindhoven Arena, the Berenkuil. Last year there were more than 10,000 visitors, young and old, who have enjoyed the cozy, creative atmosphere that Step in the Arena entails. In this a special word of thanks to the municipality of EindhovenEindhoven 365Lumensgroep040 ProjectsMontanaBoelsDe VerfkampioenVincent HuibersBAM, Jumbo, Adriaanse Autoverhuur, Blue Collar Hotel, 3BE, Decofiti, and Art Pure who made Step in the Arena 2015 possible.

Line up Step in the Arena 2015: 
CMP (DK), Swet (DK), Boogie (CH), Hombre (D), Atom (D), Wow123 (D), Can2 (D), Ratur & Sckaro (F), Most (D), Heis (D), Zay (D), Raptuz (I), Reser (I), Belin (ES), Koka (Mex), Pener (Pol), Golden Green (D), Formula 76 (D), Trun (Rus), Bios (Ukr), Truba (Rus), Wert159 (Rus), Poeta (Arg), London Police, LovePusher (UK), Twesh (UK), Kurve (F), Skio (F), Neist (UK, Bims (F), Dater (D), Nask (Lux), Derm (B), Dilk (UK), Flai (ES), Smates (B), Kaisy (Slo), Kkade (CH), Nomad (D), Hifi (D), Marte (I), Spiros (Bra), Ment (Bra), Parlee (UK), Ojey (D), Toaster (UK), Klaas van der Linden (B), Semor (D), Stom500 (F), Pures (Aus), Zero (Hun), FatHeat (Hun), Transone (Hun), Böki (Hun), Weis (D), Herz (D), More (D), Pout (D), Olas (aus), Zurik (Col), Jazor (Mex), Drain (Mex), Zoer (Es), Maim (Aus), Nash, Puaks, Chas, Mega en Romeo, Druid, Telmo en Miel, June, Knal, Zime, Sektie, Sunk, Zenk, Behind, Weird, Mr.Mister, Remko Koopman, Neas, Cry, Poen, Sign, Be Easy, SimianSwitch, Poison, SergeKB, Byz, Kinos, Beast, Roofie, Font, Pims, Rumbl, Dave de Leeuw, Real, Clone. Treak, Phene, Loets, Caer & Marc, Sapo, Pham, Alpha, Byrns, Studio Giftig, Unone & Narcoze, Bier en Brood, Van de Straat. 

Young Talents: 
Remon (F), Insane 51 (GR), Derbe (D), Briks, Mero (D), Tuzq (B), Reus, Rola, Amor, Hort, Riaz.

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Side Event Step in the Arena

Graffiti Kidsbattle 
3 june 2015
Berenkuil Eindhoven
The 350 participating children of primairy schools will get a five week course involving tips and tricks about graffiti. The children will be challenged to think about the city they live in. The question is: how does Eindhoven look through the eyes of kids? The battle itself will be performed at the Berenkuil on June 3rd.

Step in the Arena, the day after…
8 june 2015
Next to trainstation (Eindhovenseweg)
On the 8th of june you can see a group of artists, who have participated Step in the Arena on the 6 and 7th of june, painting on a 200m2 wall next to the trainstation (Eindhovense weg) of Eindhoven. It will be a international line-up. The names will be announced soon. This project was initiated by Dynamo and BAM bouw en techniek. Twitter: @Bambouwentechniek en Facebook.

5, 6, 7 June 2015

Step in the Arena and her side events are powered by E-Moves Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven. E-Moves is the largest Urban Culture Festival of the Netherlands. For three days in a row, the city is completely under the spell hip hop and breakdance, skateboarding and BMX, graffiti and street art. 
Together with the local urban scene, artists from all over the world take care of live shows and performances, demonstrations and presentations, master classes and workshops.

See Emoves website for more information and the full program. Check Emoves on Facebook and Twitter(@emoves040, #emoves040) for scoops, reactions and lots of photos and videos.

Emoves, Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven is made possible by: Municipality of EindhovenEindhoven 365Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsCultuurfonds StrijpWoonbedrijfDynamo and Mad Skills.

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