Step in the Arena

This year the international graffitti festival Step in The Arena will celebrate their 6th Edition. What back in 2010 began as a festival where young and established talents could meet, quickly grew into the unique international festival it is nowadays. 

On 6 and 7 June more than 150 artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world are going to make their appearance in the Eindhoven Arena, the Berenkuil. Last year there were more than 10,000 visitors, young and old, who have enjoyed the cosy, creative atmosphere that Step in the Arena brings. In this a special word of thanks to the municipality of EindhovenEindhoven 365Lumensgroep040 ProjectsMontanaBoelsDe VerfkampioenVincent HuibersBAM, Jumbo, Sticker KoningAdriaanse Autoverhuur, Blue Collar Hotel, 3BE, Decofiti, and Art Pure who made Step in the Arena 2015 possible.

Line up Step in the Arena 2015: 
CMP (DK), Swet (DK), Boogie (CH), Hombre (D), Atom (D), Wow123 (D), Can2 (D), Ratur & Sckaro (F), Most (D), Heis (D), Zay (D), Raptuz (I), Reser (I), Belin (ES), Koka (Mex), Pener (Pol), Golden Green (D), Formula 76 (D), Trun (Rus), Bios (Ukr), Truba (Rus), Wert159 (Rus), Poeta (Arg), London Police, LovePusher (UK), Twesh (UK), Kurve (F), Skio (F), Neist (UK, Bims (F), Dater (D), Nask (Lux), Derm (B), Dilk (UK), Flai (ES), Smates (B), Kaisy (Slo), Kkade (CH), Nomad (D), Hifi (D), Marte (I), Spiros (Bra), Ment (Bra), Parlee (UK), Ojey (D), Toaster (UK), Klaas van der Linden (B), Semor (D), Stom500 (F), Pures (Aus), Zero (Hun), FatHeat (Hun), Transone (Hun), Böki (Hun), Weis (D), Herz (D), More (D), Pout (D), Olas (aus), Zurik (Col), Jazor (Mex), Drain (Mex), Zoer (Es), Maim (Aus), Nash, Puaks, Chas, Mega en Romeo, Druid, Telmo en Miel, June, Knal, Zime, Sektie, Sunk, Zenk, Behind, Weird, Mr.Mister, Remko Koopman, Neas, Cry, Poen, Sign, Be Easy, SimianSwitch, Poison, SergeKB, Byz, Kinos, Beast, Roofie, Font, Pims, Rumbl, Dave de Leeuw, Real, Clone. Treak, Phene, Loets, Caer & Marc, Sapo, Pham, Alpha, Byrns, Studio Giftig, Unone & Narcoze, Bier en Brood, Van de Straat. 

Young Talents: 
Remon (F), Insane 51 (GR), Derbe (D), Briks, Mero (D), Tuzq (B), Reus, Rola, Amor, Hort, Riaz.

Swet (DK):
This year we’ll see some cool Danish action from Swet, being the fastest graffiti artist in the world. With his tremendous speed and style he produces many pieces in a short amount of time, He’s therefore rightfully called “The King of Swing”. During Step in the Arena 2015 he’s aiming to make as many pieces as possible in two days time. A kind off personal record attempt that will be completely filmed and later shared online.

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Side Event Step in the Arena

Van Gogh Urban Art Expo & Graffiti Event 
31 may till 12 juni 2015
Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

Van der Valk Hotel, Dynamo (Step in the Arena) and the Vincentre in Nuenen have combined efforts to celebrate the 'Van Gogh' year. They’re organising a unique series of events from 31st of May till the 12th of June to introduce the public to Urban Art, Graffitti and Van Gogh. These two weeks will kick off on the 31st of May at the Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven with the “Van Gogh meets Graffitti”. Well known international graffiti artists show what they’re made off in live demo’s inspired by Van Gogh. Most prominent names are Belin (S) and Koka (Mex), who will both join us on Saturday the 6th of June at Step in the Arena.
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Graffiti Kidsbattle 
3 june 2015
Berenkuil Eindhoven
This year is the 5th edition of the Step in the Arena Kidsbattle. This event will take place on the 3rd of June at Berenkuil, Eindhoven. More then 300 primary school children participated this year, showing what they love about their city Eindhoven through graffitti art. The past editions of the KidsBattle were held in the PSV football stadion, Stadhuisplein (City Hall Square) and this will be the third time at the Berenkuil.

In a five week course these kids learn some mean graffiti tricks and in groups they design and create and Eindhoven based artwork eventually spraying it on the walls of the Berenkuil. The winning group of the KidsBattle get to actually participate and spray their piece of art on the wall of Berenkuil on the 6th of June during Step in the Arena as true graffiti artists. This awesome project is made possible by the efforts of numerous primary schools in Eindhoven, 040 Projects, Dynamo, De Doorlopende Leerlijn and Eindhovens graffitti scene.

Step in the Arena, the day before
5 june 2015 
Jumbo, Boschdijk Eindhoven

Step in the Arena, the day before On the 5th of June some national and international artists from the Step in the Arena 2015 line-up will spray a graffiti piece on the back of supermarket the “JUMBO” on the Boschdijk in Eindhoven. This project is made possible thanks to the efforts of JUMBO Boschdijk, Decofiti and Dynamo. Starting point on this piece is JUMBO’s house style, from there on it will be left to the artists individual creativity.

Step in the Arena, the day after…
8 june 2015
Next to trainstation (Eindhovenseweg)
On the 8th of june you can see a group of artists, who have participated Step in the Arena on the 6 and 7th of june, painting on a 200m2 wall next to the trainstation (Eindhovense weg) of Eindhoven. It will be a international line-up. The names will be announced soon. This project was initiated by Dynamo and BAM bouw en techniek. Twitter: @Bambouwentechniek en Facebook.

5, 6, 7 June 2015

Step in the Arena and her side events are powered by E-Moves Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven. E-Moves is the largest Urban Culture Festival of the Netherlands. For three days in a row, the city is completely under the spell hip hop and breakdance, skateboarding and BMX, graffiti and street art. 
Together with the local urban scene, artists from all over the world take care of live shows and performances, demonstrations and presentations, master classes and workshops.

See Emoves website for more information and the full program. Check Emoves on Facebook and Twitter(@emoves040, #emoves040) for scoops, reactions and lots of photos and videos.

Dynamo and urban
Art An essential part of Urban Culture in Eindhoven is Graffitti and Street Art and it triggers allot of youth and youngsters to be creative. This is exactly why Dynamo organises the international graffiti festival Step in the Arena and many graffiti workshops and demo’s throughout the year. Dynamo has proven to be a very suitable partner when it comes down to street art productions on walls of establishments both private and business. Years of experience and a huge database of national and international artists make Dynamo fit for any graffiti request and/or job.

Emoves, Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven is made possible by: Municipality of EindhovenEindhoven 365Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsCultuurfonds StrijpWoonbedrijfDynamo and Mad Skills.

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