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Building Your Future in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has become a popular destination for tourists, entrepreneurs, and many professionals all over the globe. Some stay for a few months, but many choose The Netherlands as their new home.

It’s true, most people in The Netherlands speak English, especially young people. But the truth is that if you plan to move to a country with a different language, you will need to learn it. Not only to make friends, but to have better job opportunities and to adapt easier to this new culture.

At the Dutch Academy Eindhoven we offer different levels of Dutch classes for all kinds of people, independently of the reason why they are visiting The Netherlands. Our method is designed to make you apprehend the Dutch language, not to repeat words and phrases without any processing.

Are you interested in joining our Dutch course? Then welcome! Your journey has already begun.

Why Is Learning Dutch Important These Days?

As we said before, The Netherlands is a country that calls all kinds of people from the world. It is a well-known place for tourist, it’s almost a mandatory stop for European tours.

Besides, it offers many academic and professional venues, so it’s not rare at all to see English, French, German and Spanish people moving to Eindhoven for business and academic purposes.

These are the most important reasons to learn Dutch:
  • To communicate fluently with Dutch people
  • To build a professional network of Dutch entrepreneurs and workers
  • To have bigger chances of getting a better job and develop your career
  • To communicate easier with Dutch authorities
  • To get your Civic Integration Exam and be considered for a Dutch permanent residence permit
  • To make Dutch friends


Could you arrive in The Netherlands without speaking Dutch? Sure, you can do it. But it’s always better if you take Dutch classes as soon as you arrive. The sooner you dive into the waters of the Dutch language, the sooner you will find a better job, or a better position within the job you already have. Besides, if you learn Dutch right from the first day, the easier it will be to walk around Eindhoven, to make friends, and to pass your Civic Integration Exam to obtain a Dutch permanent residence permit.

Why Learning Dutch With the Dutch Academy Eindhoven?

Our doors are open for students from all over the world, the only requirement is to have a minimum level of English, which is the language we give our Dutch classes in the first levels.

The Dutch Academy Eindhoven is popular among people looking forward to learn Dutch. We have courses for all Dutch levels, from A1 to B2.

In order to pass the Civic Integration Exam, you need to have an A2 or higher level of Dutch. And to help you with these tasks we have our own Dutch book and teaching method, including private classes, Skype classes and group classes.

These are some of the things the Dutch Academy Eindhoven is claimed:
  • A wide variety of classes during the whole year
  • Student diversity, we teach people from Europe and all parts of America
  • Experienced Dutch speakers as teachers
  • Original and dynamic teaching method
  • Small classes (10-12 students)
  • Interesting assignments to enhance the learning


How Is The Teaching Method In Our Dutch Courses?

We don’t want you to be a passive learner, we want you to be involved in our classes, so we have chosen a teaching method that includes grammar, common expressions, and support materials for better comprehension.

Our teachers want you to learn by having fun and talking Dutch as soon as possible, that’s why after level A2, all the classes are in Dutch.

But don’t feel overwhelmed, we guarantee you this is the best way for you to learn the Dutch language, and if you have any doubt, teachers are more than willing to repeat what they just said or to explain a bit further.

Our teaching method started in 2013, and our goal still remains: we want you to learn Dutch in a fast and easy way. That’s why we have our own teaching book: “Simple Dutch”, distributed only at Dutch Academy Eindhoven.

It is designed to help you speak, write and read Dutch through simple visual examples and grammar explanations.

Since it’s very easy to forget a class, our teachers work with short repetitions in every course to remember the steps we have followed until then.

We also send homework, but we don’t want you to have a grade and nothing else. If there’s something wrong, or that could be improved, the teacher will point it in class and, together, you and the other students can learn from each other’s experiences and development.

Dutch Courses at the Dutch Academy Eindhoven

If you don’t know anything about the Dutch language, don’t worry, we will start from scratch at level A1.

This level is divided in three steps, and you will have a test in each of them. The idea is to deliver a feedback on your mistakes and how to improve, this feedback is personal, but can also be discussed in class for everyone to learn.

A2 level is divided in two steps, also with tests at the end and includes some exercises from the Civic Integration Exam and a preparation for a job interview in Dutch.

Levels B1 and B2 can be taken as (private) classes or via Skype if requested, they are focused on written and spoken skills.

Read what our student Nina saying:

“If all my language courses in the past would have this kind of an approach of teaching, I would be fluent in many languages by now. Very intensive course with a lot of additional study materials. Groups are small, both of the teachers are super nice, helpful and they really try to explain to you in that way that you understand. The most important, they encourage you to use the language in everyday situations. I am really looking forward to attend A2 level in December!”

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